Sunday, 7 June 2009


I'm very excited...

It's been a long and grueling weekend at the Meadows Festival and I promise I'll blog about it tomorrow but I can't help but share that I'm extremely honoured that today one of my creations has been featured on Etsy Item of the Day run by the lovely Jackie.

Jackie has dedicated her site to a celebration of all the handmade treasures that can be found on Etsy. I've had a lot of fun trawling through her other picks and I'm in really salubrious company, this is one of my recent favourites, just look at these gorgeous fabrics!

So please go visit Etsy Item of the Day and leave some comments of support for her finds! Especially my reversible white bird coat :)


  1. Thats fantastic. How exciting. Have left a comment. Hope the week-end went well and you sold loads of stuff!

  2. You have such an awesome shop! My readers went nuts over this coat!

    Great work!