Friday 5 June 2009


Smocky top 2.0

I returned to my smocky top pattern yesterday and made some changes, lengthening the bodice slightly, puffing the sleeves more and switching the hem from a curved to a straight edge.

Due to version 1.0 hanging off Maia's shoulders a bit, I graded down for a 18m/2T. I didn't use the exact body pieces because I was repurposing something that I had started but didn't like, so it's not as gathered as it should be.

I made an elastic casing for the bottom of the sleeve edge. The polkadot fabric makes wonderful puffs!

And I lifted the notch a tiny bit so it was further away from the gathering.

I was going to ask you to spot the fail but then thought you might name things other than the one I was expecting and I'd be sad, so... it's a fabric orientation fail. Butterflies are upside down!


  1. OK, I need one of these (and a Maia!) Hurry and get these in the shop!

  2. Lovely! Do you make these for very tall 6 year olds too!

  3. Looks great! can't wait for the pattern..

  4. ooh will keep an eye out for this in the shops. its gorgeous. can;t wait!

  5. Oh look its so sweet, i really need another little girl....or a big girl smock