Saturday, 13 June 2009


Just to warn you...

I've booked another last minute fair for tomorrow. Outside. As my bloggy friend Rhubarb Crumble pointed out:

That's right, everyone should go out and buy supplies. Because "Me Doing a Fair = Terrible Weather". I've had monsoon, I've had tornado. I think that leaves blizzard, hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcano, and tsunami. And those are just the natural disasters. If you want to open it up to signs of the impending Apocalypse, there's lots of other things that could happen. From medieval sources (because I'm dorky like that), I should also prepare for fire to rain down from heaven. Or stones. Or blood. Or maybe some hailstones the size of eggs. Possibly with 'eyes, faces and tails'. Yikes. Poison gas that turns men to stone. I can cope with all of that, I rented a proper market stall. But what I am really frightened of is: raining snakes and toads. Toads? Cool. Snakes? My own personal hell. *shiver*


  1. Good luck tomorrow!

    Remind me to tell you the snake and kebab story next time I see you ;)

  2. Toads and snakes? I can deal with those. Good luck!

  3. ...ewww! Toads! I'd rather have the snakes any day. Hope tomorrow is a good day! xx

  4. Good luck for tomorrow. If it makes you feel any better, you can't have a worse tomorrow than my brother. He's taking my 4 year old to Legoland. He has no kids (but is a big one at heart), and doesn't really get it when I say "She's fast". I will be dressing her in the brightest things I can find. And giving her a bit of paper with his mobile no. on it in case (when) she and he separate....

    Unusual meteorological conditions? Piece of cake. Sister's wrath? Run like... whatsit.

  5. Fingers crossed for sunshine!
    Good Luck!