Sunday, 21 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Sew Chibi

We're in the home stretch with only two Lady Skaters to go and today we have the incomparable Kat from Sew Chibi!  Hand on heart, I don't think there is anyone quite like Kat (and I genuinely mean that with the highests praise).  I have the honour of being one of a group of people that Kat bounces ideas off about what she's making and although I don't necessarily immediately understand what she's planning, I know it'll be epic.  We've partaken in quite a few of the same tours (and she's participated in tours  I've incongruously not been asked to do been too busy to do ) and there is never an occasion when she doesn't do something so unique and awesome that I don't gasp.  I'm not even joking, these cats are slide-able up and down that panel and she hand-stamped and painted the fabric.  If my mum wasn't knitting me a Wonder Woman sweater I'd seriously consider asking Kat to be my mum as I can't even imagine the glee I'd feel to have something like this as a kid (kidding not kidding , mum!).  One of the best sewing projects I've ever seen was how she turned a painting by her father into fabric via Spoonflower and made her daughter a dress with it; not a straight-up dress using the fabric alone but a fusion dress with a skirt in his painting with her own beautiful inspired bodice, sash, and self-made buttons.  She's one in a million / billion / seven point one billion.
Here's a sneaky peak of what Kat made... Click on through!


  1. I WILL TOTALLY BE YOUR INTERNET MUM!!! Love you Amanda!!!! Big squeezy too long hugs to you from me! Thanks for having me!!!!

  2. She's in credible that Kat Wonderstone!