Saturday 20 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Max California

Today the Lady Skater Tour is heading back over to Australia again with Ari from Max California! It hasn't been that long since Ari was last on my blog with her Baby Skater, but since then she's done heaps of tours and guest posts and even started her own Sew Geeky series with Sew Chibi (tomorrow's tour-ee).  Ari has the unique distinction of being a babe, a sweetheart, and a geek; here's a round-up of most of her Star Wars projects alone.  Although I find it suspicious how adorable her family are, I will give her the benefit of the doubt provided she continues to post many pictures of them.

So... Does anyone want to see a zippered mini-Skater with coordinating Steampunk shorts on a BAMF? Of course you do.


  1. true story. i mean, edi is impossibly adorable. and don't get me started on that boy child....