Monday, 15 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Cirque Du Bebe

Today we're getting our very first cold weather Lady Skater as it's Australian winter for Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe! I've been a long time fangirl of Sophie ever since her I spied her adorable makes popping up in the Kids Clothes Weeks of yore.  Her kids' clothes are so stylish / unique / playful / flawless, that it was natural to feel a bit jealous of her eye for detail and repurposing nous.  And then Sophie unleashed herself onto the internet and we all collectively thought, 'Is this really fair?' The white graphic Wiggle Dress alone prompted me to print out her pictures to practice my kissing*.

Winner of the first season of Project Sewn and legitimate lovely lady, here's a sneaky peak of what Sophie made...  Click on through for the full post!

*Just kidding, Sophie! I haven't actually done this. Yet.


  1. I am loving this tour! I'm totally convinced. This looks like a fantastic dress. I am going to buy the pattern and I may even sew it for myself (if I can stop sewing for my three girls for a minute). It seems so perfectly wearable and flattering. Thank you for sharing all the different takes.