Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Alida Makes

Third day of the Lady Skater pattern tour and we have a belter of a blogger- Alida from Alida Makes! Another participant from my Little Girls' Skater Tour with her stamped, sharpied and be-pocketed beauty, of course I had to invite her back for the lady Skater Tour because obviously. And not just that, she was a tester for the pattern and rocked this bow-print skater:

The sign is my contribution but the universe's sentiment. Alida is so beautiful inside and out, makes the most unique and vibrant clothes for her four kids, and she's my partner in an upcoming fabric design swap (in which I'm entirely unworthy of her design talents).

Here's a sneaky peak of what Alida made, and while you're there make sure you read and share her How To Lose a Friend who Sews in 5 Steps too. Truer words never written.


  1. That sign is so awesome! Alida rocks my socks!

  2. No badasses on the lawn! haahahha <3 love it. Alida you're a BAMF!