Monday, 22 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Lladybird

It's the last day of the of the Lady Skater Tour and we're going out with a bang with Lauren from Lladybird! Holy sh*t, right??  I've been the biggest fangirl of hers (which is no doubt a claim that many will contest) for such a long time- her makes, her fabrics, her writing style (the Vogue Pattern snarks alone are legendary)... everything ad infinitum.  All these Thurlows (and her associated Thurlow sew-along) actually make me want to sew some trousers, which is no mean feat.   I had to pull on my bravest big girl pants to ask her on the tour and I couldn't believe my luck when she agreed.

A kinda funny creepy story: last year Lauren posted a picture of some awesome tiger shoes she'd scored on pretty the same day as I got my tiger fabric.  I almost sent her some as a wee thank you (she mentioned my shop in her Conquering Knits post and is the second highest referrer to my shop after myself- ha!) but I chickened out lest I seem (accurately) a creeper.  I ran out of the tiger fabric, but then when I summoned the courage to ask her on the tour I received another bolt from my supplier on pretty much the same day again!  The universe wanted her to have those tigers... and now she does in Skater form.


  1. Lauren's was one of the first women's-sewing fashion blogs I followed, and her style is awesome. Congrats on a great tour and so many great reviews! I'm off to buy my own Lady Skater now. . .