Friday, 19 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Imagine Gnats

Today I'm delighted to have Rachael from Imagine Gnats on the Lady Skater tour!  Most recently Rachael was co-hosting the fab series Shorts on the Line for everybody's summer shorts needs, but you might also recognise her from the fab Cammy Pack Camera Strap guest post she did for Pellon. I tell no lies when I say that I'd definitely rather sport a robust be-pocketed Cammy Pack over a pair of trousers with lots of pockets any day of the week.  Rachael has embarked on a 'living the dream' initiative this year, releasing her first two patterns (Roly Poly Pinafore and Tumble Tee Tank) and she's shortly opening an online fabric shop specialising in double gauze and  cotton lawns.

Rachael was one of my initial testers for the Skater Dress so for this version she stripped it back to the bare bones for a simple a-line dress! Click on through for more information.

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