Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: That Moxie Girl

I'm really excited to have my friend Jill from Made by Moxie on the Lady Skater Tour today!  I became obsessed with her earlier this year when the very bestest shorts started popping up all over Instagram and I've held her close to my bosom ever since.  Can you believe that the Prefontaine Shorts are her very first pattern? They fill me with glee and I can't wait for my spot on the upcoming tour.

As a fellow geek I love her costumes and fabric choices, she's a dab hand at sewing for herself, and her blog is chock-a-block with helpful stuff like this tutorial for men's boxer shorts or this one for a girl's fat quarter skirt.
So here's Jill's Lady Skater iteration... tunic length!  Click on through!

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  1. What a flattering shout out. Thanks! You make me look so damn fabulous!