Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Lady Skater Pattern Tour: Sew A Straight Line

Today we welcome Sabra from Sew a Straight Line back into our loving skater-y arms.  You might remember that a few short months ago she was part of the original Girls' Skater Dress Pattern Tour, where she made no less than three skater dresses for her daughter.  Now, you might expect that Sabra would rest on her laurels and take it easy after such prodigious skater-making but instead she made all four of her kids' Easter outfits, partook in the first series of Project Sewn (she made skinny jeans, people), contributed a rather fancy-looking sundress tutorial for 30 Days of Sundresses, and I dunno, guys... It kinda looks like dressing Ivy as cutely as possible has become a full time job?  I approve.

Obviously, it's clear that Sabra was going to do something awesome with the Lady Skater. Something like this:

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  1. Real reason I do guest blogs, etc: The write-ups about how awesome I am. You did not disappoint. Thanks so much for letting me participate in this Skater, too. It is an amazing pattern. Your talents for fitting breasts are amazing.

  2. That is a gorgeous dress! I love this version!