Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Prefontaine World Tour: Calling at Kitschy Coo

prefontaine teaser

I'm beyond excited today to reveal my contribution to the Prefontaine World Tour!  Seriously, I fell in love with these shorts as soon as I saw testing pics pop up and I harangued Jill until they were released. 'AretheyreadyyetAretheyreadyyetAretheyreadyyet....'

Her approximation of Steve Prefontaine running, obviously

Because my jet-lagged brain failed at reading comprehension, I got confused with the sizing and erroneously believed that my kids were above the size range when they weren't.  So I did grade up a bit, adding 1" total at centre back, 3/8" to the rise and 3/8" to the inseam but actually a straight-up Size 5 probably would've been fine.  When I make another pair in a woven the extra width and rise may be beneficial as Maia's hips are close to 30"!  Jamie was atypically (for him) jealous of his sister's new shorts so I see some Prefontaines in his future too.

prefontaine detail

The star fabric is my newest acquisition, a nice and stable cotton lycra blend in awesome neon colours.  For the pocket edging I used a polkadot double-fold bias tape in lime green that has a sweet woven picot edge.  If you're sewing a woven binding onto a knit I suggest going slow and pressing the bejesus out of it.  The front pockets are a coordinating orange knit, and the overall edges are bound in red polkadot binding.  The only omission I made to the pattern was not adding the back patch pocket, which had zero to do with my love of the pocket (which is intense) and everything to do with my inability to decide which fabric it should've been made from.

prefontaine side

The construction of the shorts is different from any other bottoms I've made to facilitate sewing on the binding as easily as possible.  I am in love with the overlapping sides and the flash of thigh.

prefontaines full 2

Overall, awesome pattern and awesome shorts!  Anything that can persuade Maia to take pictures in the rain must be a winner.

Make sure to check out all the other awesome Prefontaines popping up in the tour (it's my girl Sarah tomorrow!) and you can snag the pattern here.


  1. Such lovely detailing on the pockets and the bias. I love them. I thinking of Autumn kids clothes at the moment see here Jo x

  2. Awesome! What fun shorts! :D

  3. So bright and cheery! Love the fabric. Very cute!

  4. So love these! how cheerful & happy! That picot trim is ridiculously amazing!