Monday, 5 October 2009


Am I out of a job?

Okay, it's not technically my job. Much to my chagrin, I've never been paid to Photoshop myself into different scenarios. I just haven't found a market. So it's more like a hobby, or a passion. But, as it turns out, some bastard clever-clogs has actually created software that makes me weep until I have no tears left to cry takes the grunt work out of creating your own fantasy world:

See? I would totally rock the cover of Procrastinator magazine.

And I have no doubt I would be an inspiration to elder statemen.

If I met David Beckham, about 15 minutes later he'd get a tattoo of me as an angel. Because I am.

Da Vinci might been more famous for the Mona Lisa, but I'm partial to the Amanda Lisa.

One time, in the gulag, me and my mini-doppelganger were forced to pose with our flute cases on the tundra.

If you want to have similar fun, you can chose from a bajillion different scenarios over here. Sadly, no Vikings or vampires. So maybe I do still have a reason to do it myself?


  1. Jesus, Amanda Lisa looks just like Maia!!

  2. rofl - the queen is no more - long live the queen!

  3. Your efforts are always more amusing! There is a similar programme which puts your face into old year book pictures...

  4. OMG I had so much fun with PhotoFunia!!!