Friday, 9 October 2009


80's Fantasy Movie Swap- the things I sent

Now that Apryl has received the swap package I sent, I can share what I made! Here was the brief:
Did you dream of flying on the back of the Luck Dragon? Finding One Eyed Willie’s pirate treasure to save your family home? Did you want David Bowie to give you shiny bobbles and tainted peaches? Sing dragons to sleep? Fight Rodents of Unusual Size? We may not live in the movies (quite as much now as we did, and we may possibly torture our offspring by making them watch the Labyrinth again and where was I? ) but we can still craft them. So why not join my 80’s Fantasy Movie Craft Swap? You know you want to make a blue haired worm, or a Conan book cover!
Apryl's favourite fantasy movie is Labyrinth, so I made this tote:

It was my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling and I'm really pleased how it came out. If you can't tell what the stencil is, I used this as the basis:

The tote is lined with polkadot fabric:

And I also made this bookmark:

If you're not au fait with The Dark Crystal, you won't appreciate how many levels this is funny on. It's at least four, if not five.

We had to include some supplies as well, so I made these unicorn buttons in homage to The Last Unicorn. And some starry fabric too!


  1. oohh lucky lucky Apryl - very cool swap gifts.

    i've not finished mine yet *blush*

  2. thank you so much for my lovely swap things.. I took pictures of them I just haven't found the lead for the camera to upload them yet! how was the freezerpaper to work with? I read about it but haven't had a go yet... I would need freezerpaper first.