Sunday, 11 October 2009


Look, I can do classy!

Today was Jamie's first proper birthday party, outside of the home, with non-relations. It was held at a soft play centre called 'The Inferno' (known locally as 'Clown Around'). We knew it was a tough kinda place when we saw this sign in the parking lot:

Oh no, please don't give me a sticker! But... eleven toddlers, two hours. Tough gig. It went fine though, I'm hardly traumatised.

Jamie blew out his candles on his classy cake (you know I had it in me to be subtle):

And was generally pleased with himself.

And Maia looked vaguely menacing, just like any other day:


  1. glad you survived the soft play party - i'm trying to make myself organise Nate's party at our local torture center, sorry of course i mean soft play.

  2. Wow, I say again, you are a brave woman! I got through Kathryn's 4th party by bribing my brother and his girlfriend with promises of beer in exchange for entertaining small people for me!

  3. I hate soft play.. its torture... Matt booked H's party there and I would so rather it be at home again... seeing as 5 kids so far arent coming to it anyway I don't think numbers will be a problem.. M didn't do diddly squat last year.. I cooked, decorated, baked and cleaned... the only thing he did was rescue the kids that had locked themselves in the bedroom (it didn't have a doorknob as we were painting doors at the time... *sign*

  4. Hi, just found your blog - love it! Looks like Jamie had fun, and atleast you have a year to get your breath back before the next one!

  5. the cake is lovely. to say it ended & you weren't traumatized means it was all good :) well done!