Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Chalk and cheese

I should probably open with the fact: I really like cheese. Okay. Now, after the lovely tunics I made yesterday for Erica, I decided to try and make myself one today. First effort, no separate channel to save time and jersey in case I didn't give myself enough room for the chest. As if...

Body dysmorphia strikes again. So I took it in about 45 inches:

These dismal efforts make me 'chalk'. So who's cheese? My testers, that's who. They're totally rocking their asymmetrical coats:

This is Kym from Sugarmouse. Let's stop for a minute to admire her handiwork. I really love this purple colour and the coat looks fabulous on her. And look, an innovation!

She belted it up too and I totally think it really suits a bit more structure than the loose swing fit. If you like reading nice things about me *waves at parents*, you should read her post about testing this pattern. And then follow her blog too, she makes lovely things and her daughter is a cutie!

And this beautiful coat is from Maxine from Tiny White Daisies. I've been checking my email literally every five minutes waiting for her modelling debut but she's tormenting me. Or busy with her four children, I'm not sure. And look at the reverse!

I've gotten some awesome feedback from these lovely ladies and there's two more testers to come so fingers crossed the 10/12 and 12/14 patterns will be available next week! Once they're all set, I'll do the 8/10 and 14/16 next.


  1. I think the tunic looks cute on you! The second one, obv ;)

    Lovely work on the coats!

  2. Tunic look for me, also. Beautiful.

    May your autumn day be beautiful . TTFN ~Marydon

  3. So so sorry! I am struggling to get a good photo! Will email the (bad) ones I have straight away!

  4. those pictures of me are hysterical! I look like such spanner!
    Im loving the tunic, definatly the second one! It looks like you could fit two of you in the first!

  5. I'm liking the second tunic very much, would look brilliant with elasticated cuffs! Not so sure about the jesus poses though....

  6. I'm having fabric problems:( Sorry sorry, should be sorted very soon

    Like the second tunic very much. Any chance of a tutorial on sewing jersey with a normal machine? It's something I'm a bit scared of...

  7. wow - I'm in awe at your clever testers and at your posing skill.

  8. Love tunic #2, it's pretty. I'd be super interested in a pattern... I'm a fan of tunic tops for their tummy hiding qualities. :)

  9. tunic #2 looks lovely and comfy... you should add a belt though and it will look very flattering and stylish!

    lovely work on the coats from the pattern testers..they look beautiful.