Saturday, 17 October 2009


Stop staring at me

To give you a break from my relentless posting of pictures of me, how about you check out these pictures of other people:

This is Maxine modelling her asymmetrical jacket. She doesn't like showing pictures of her face because she looks about twenty years younger than her actual age and she doesn't want us all to hate her for it. At least that's what I think.

I love these big buttons.

And this is Rachel's asymmetrical jacket.

Being a very clever lady indeed, it has an inner-lining of fleece for warmth.

A lot of you will recognise this little girl, and indeed, probably these very same pictures as I stole them from Vonnie's blog. This is the dress I made for her to wear to her baby sister's christening.

And the polkadot reverse side.

Isn't this picture beautiful?!

Hands up if you're awesome!


  1. I really am loving these asymmetrical jackets, so cute! I can't wait until you release the pattern in my size :D

  2. That's one lucky little girl there.

    Love the jackets too.