Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I guess I like birds. And brown.

Last time Vonnie was over I got my last packages of fabric from my mom. They were promptly ripped open, strewn over the floor, and after we stripped to our underwear, we rolled around on them and worshipped them in pagan fashion. Or maybe I'm confusing that scene with True Blood. We might have just admired them in a very grown up and sensible way. Anyway, Vonnie just couldn't decide which brown bird print she liked best, so commanded I make tunics for Erica out of both. So I did:

Isn't this Scandinavian inspired print delicious? And so many beautiful colours.

And my trusty ol' owl print. This has been out of print for a couple of years and was so popular for appliqued t-shirts that I actually had to cut up a peasant top to make more owl appliques. And then 15 minutes later Robert Kaufman did a new run so you can practically buy it a Tesco's now.


  1. oh my lucky Erica - i wish i could get away with wearing the owl one!

  2. Gorgeous tunics. Who makes the scandanavian inspired fabric? I think I need to make a stroller canopy in that fabric.

  3. Thanks vV, a tunic for me is on my list so we'll see how that goes :)

    @Jill: It's Birds of Norway by Michael Miller!

  4. Yay! How beautiful, I'm so excited to see her wear these :D Thank you so much honeybee x

  5. "Or maybe I'm confusing that scene with True Blood."


    I love that show.

  6. I want to tell you that I have the same affliction- the bird prints and the brown- there's a Michael Miller Print out there of birds in cages in lots of jewel tones on white. I want to cover my whole house in it.

  7. Thank you Amanda! I need to order some of that. I also need to order an adult tunic pattern when you have is available as well as the jacket. Your work is amazing!