Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Bah humbug

I really don't have much to say today, I'm too peeved by 48 hours of straight parenting of a poorly child that vomits all over the place and doesn't let me on the computer and makes me watch inane DVDs all day while I lose out on eight hours of paid-for childcare so there's no time for crafting or catching up on my ginormous email backlog or even shower and then feels well enough to Ultimate Fight with his sister and exchange blood wounds and tells me I drink too much coffee and all I want is a shower because it's freaking freezing and we already have our heating on too much despite the fact it's only October and our car broke down again yesterday and will probably kill us all one day tired. But he did show his astuteness today:

Jamie: Mum, wot you doing?
Me: I'm tidying.
Jamie: Why? Who's coming over?

He's right. I never tidy, unless someone is coming over.


  1. OH the joys of parenting ... mine wont let me on the computer ....he calles it 'work' ...and demands i play firemansam all day ...i have to be penny of course ....what has my life become??????
    hope car is ok and little ones are better ... think you need a very large 'mummy drink' (wine) and a visit from the cleaning fairy x sympathy hug coming your way x

  2. Did I tell you about my Firstborn recruiting the next-door neighbour to iron her school uniform "because my Mummy doesn't really do ironing"?

  3. "Nanna's coming over kids"

    "Oh no, I don't want to help you tidy"

    we all do it LOl

  4. I've had a nightmare day too. Had to leave a softplay place this afternoon due to Izzy having MASSIVE tantrum and Sam decided to jump/fall off the sofa every 5 mins when we got home so nerves are shredded. Arghhhhhhhhhhh! need valium. Tidying up - whats that??