Tuesday, 6 October 2009


There's the rub

Just in case you live in Outer Mongolia or you're Amish or something, here's a recap of what's been happening on my blog the last couple of days:

Me: Please, everyone help me with testing my adult jacket! It's urgent! As soon as possible!
You: We can help! We come in every size and shape, and we can help! Urgently!

Me: *Photoshops herself in pictures*

Now, that's a bit strange behaviour on my part, no? Well, my first excuse is that Jamie is ill and therefore stuck to me like a barnacle. After throwing up almost perfectly formed rice cakes at 2AM last night, a foray through the swine flu helpline this morning, and an appointment with the doctor before which he puked all over the car, he's been diagnosed with a bilateral ear infection. And he'll need to go into hospital tonight if he doesn't stop vomiting...

All of this illness is a perfect excuse in it's own right, but the crux of my inertia is sizing. My original jacket has been tried on by five people: Me, who is exactly my shape. Friend Sarah, who is roughly the same size as me but doesn't have Twiglet arms. Jane, my childminder, who is taller than me and has normal sized boobs. My friend Liz, who now runs half-marathons and is subsequently dinky. My mother-in-law, who is very slim but has wider shoulders than me. Let's get this straight: The coat looks awesome, on every one. But I just can't figure out what size it should be. Until I figure out that size, I can't grade to other sizes. Adult bodies (as opposed to children's bodies) are just so freaking different. And, as adults, we want coats that fit and flatter our bodies. Does anyone have any advice?!


  1. Why not do size 1, 2, 3 etc and provide measurements for each one?

  2. What Kat said, only I was thinking Small, Medium and Large. They only have to be rough sizes as the coat isn't fitted. So you could say a small will fit between sizes 8-12, medium 12-16, etc etc.
    And get better soon Jamie xxx

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  4. I echo what everyone else has suggested. And, I hope Jamie gets better, I've had ear infections (boy, have I had them) and I know how painful they are and how dizzy they can make you. If you can get him to "pop" his ears as if taking off in an plane, it might help.

    Plus, how much of what type of fabric does the adult jacket need - I'm going to a show on Friday where I can hopefully buy some, and if you still want an additional tester I'll be able to (UK size 12, but with huge boobs (just been remeasured, I'm a £$%$%&$%"£ H cup) and normal sized arms, if that helps).

  5. I think your coat looks like it's a S/M covering the sizes suggested by Pickled Weasel ;)
    It's fabulous and I must have one (pretty please!)
    Hope Jamie's feeling better xx

  6. Changed the post 'cos I missed out a word :)

    Echoes above - small medium large - after all your kids coats are designed to provide 'growth' room and by nature of the design they are not fitted to the body so an umbrella sizing should work okay.

    I'm still volunteering to test for you by the way :) I've even been rifling through Fabric Mountain to determine what might work - I don't like wearing black so have been considering my options just in case!!!

  7. Get better soon Jamie.
    Ear infections are the pits... I've had a perforated ear-drum before and it's not nice :o(

    As for the sizing ... how about:

    size (a) "Oh for god's sake eat something!"
    size (b) "A few sit-ups wouldn't go amiss, but looking pretty fine"
    size (c) "Step away from the burger and fries"

    I'd like one in a size (c) please