Saturday, 24 October 2009


The post I don't feel like writing

My computer is back from the shop. First I needed a new motherboard, and then my hard drive died while in recovery. The man in shop said this happened after most ('most' being a nebulous term) of my files had been migrated to their backup system. As I handed over the GDP of a small nation, assurances were made that my new hard drive contained most of my old files. Oh, the witty banter I planned for you all today! Tales of toilet training Maia, Jamie getting stuck in a lift, photoshopped goodies of how the internet missed me. But instead, here's a montage of my current mood:

Why is the hard drive empty?

I can't believe all her photos from the last two years are missing.

You mean the pictures from Maia's first couple of weeks?

And Jamie's second, third and fourth birthdays?

Wait... what about her business?

All of the photos of everything she's ever made are gone?

What?! All of her tutorials are gone too?

I can't believe it, she's worked so hard.

So I guess I don't know where to go from here.


  1. Oh no how awful :( Im really sorry to hear that. I lost loads of family pics a few years back and I was gutted. Have you still got the old hard drive? There is some sort of software that lets you retrieve lost files after a hard drive dies. I don't know whether that would help in your situation. :(

  2. ahhhhhh i am sad for you too. how awful. i am sure they can be recovered but i don;t know how.

  3. Awful!! Have you got your old hard drive? My laptop died the other year (ok, I kicked it across the room accidently, but anyway...) and it wouldn't let me have my files back until M did some magic and looked at the drive using linux rather than windows then he found them all and saved them for me. There are special places who do this kind of thing.

  4. oh noo... I hope they can be recovered... somebody has to know some techno wizards that can recover lost files... *hugs*

  5. Oh wow, that sucks so bad :O(

    I do hope someone can help you retrieve them.

    Wishing you luck,


  6. Oh no. I really hope they can be found. Make sure the shop gives you the old drive back. I'm sure they can be found.

  7. Oh poor you! Many sympathies and fingers crossed you might be able to salvage some of that stuff.


    Emma x

  8. Oh no that's terrible. Do you still have the old hard drive or can you get hold of it? You can try plugging it into your computer using a USB and download Verifile. It will tell you if anything can be recovered, although that will only work if its something like a part of the hard drive is corrupted but the read/write arm is still functioning (if you hear a whirring noise like its spinning when you plug it in along with a faint clicking noise the arm is working) However if you don't hear the clicking noise then the arm isn't working and software won't work. The only thing for it in that case is to have the plates removed from the hard drive and placed into a new drive which will allow you to access them. Places like On Track Data Recovery can do that, but it can be expensive. I guess it depends on how much you want to get hold of the photos.

  9. What a nightmare. Bloody computers. Hope you manage to get some computer whizz to sort it for you. x

  10. This is so awful. I really hope you may be able to recover the files from your hard drive somehow.

    I know it doesn't help now, but ... It's always a good idea to backup file on two locations. So if one goes bust, the other is still there. I usually do it on the D drive and on an external hard drive. Try and avoid the drive where your operating system is on, it's more vulnerable.

    Really hope you'll still get your files back somehow.

  11. Oh no:( that is awful, looking at the other comments there seems to be some good advice, my laptop got a virus last week which wiped my hard drive n my hubby managed to retrieve all my files. (using software he downloaded from the internet)
    It takes a lot to completely wipe a hard drive so your files can't be retrieved.
    Don't give up hun xxxx

  12. Oh no:(

    Small consolation, but you have all the photos you've posted online - I hope you can get everything back.

  13. I know this bit isn't the most important bit compared to photos but......
    Have you sent enough out for testing that we can send them back to you? I can email you your asymmetric coat back as an email... and post the double breasted tute back as a paper copy........ Let me know :)
    Other than that ............ *sigh*........ that's SO crap for you - sorry chick.

  14. I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me when my motherinlaw dropped mine while watching my kids. Luckily though we hadn't cleared all of the way so we didn't lose everything. Still frustrating though.

  15. Oh nooooo - that's so awful. Hopefully the advice from the other posters will help you get them back. At least you have all the product and blog pix online...small consolation, I know.

  16. I'm so sorry. :-( It's like a death.

    I agree with all the posters who said to get that drive to an uber-geek immediately. Try looking for places that advertise forensic recovery. They can sometimes retrieve things from disks that have actually caught fire.

    Do you have some things uploaded to Flikr? There is software out there that will let you pull everything down in "batch" rather than one-by-one.

  17. Arse. No geeky advice to offer, but I feel for you :(

  18. Any news?....Hope you can get it fixed. Got my fingers an d toes crossed for you....