Saturday, 2 April 2011


International Day of Navel Gazing

Has everyone recovered from International Day of Delurking? I admit, I was completely unprepared for the excitement of it all and collapsed exhausted in my bed at the end of the day. Who knew there were so many people in the internet ready and willing to discuss the relative sneakiness of animals? Not me.

As befits the conclusion of any major event, lets look back on International Day of Delurking so that we can learn from it.

Readers of Kitschy Coo (a snapshot of yesterday's visitors):

There were 383 unique visitors yesterday according to Google Analytics. Obviously, it was very tricky to categorise all of you guys into neat categories. But for the purpose of a straight-forward pie chart, regular commentors who just wanted to talk about sneaky animals were sneaky like a horse, genuine / brave / awesome delurkers were sneaky like a panda (by the laws of diminishing sneakiness), people who were visiting useful posts like tutorials may or may not be sneaky but were too busy to go on record, and people looking at the random post* from years ago when I had a 15 minute crush on Josh Peck are undoubtedly sneaky (but also probably disturbed by my creepy creeper-ness). The leaves the 176 visitors who are sneaky like an alligator, who read the delurking post but did not delurk. I applaud you, lurkers, and understand why you might not go on the record and admit you read me.

*Random viewer stats fact: The frankly ridiculous Josh Peck post gets more than 1000 visits a month by people Googling 'Josh Peck' and 'Josh Peck weight loss'. It's my fourth most viewed post ever. I find this 75% hilarious and 25% mortifying.


  1. Sure we read... sometimes even post... but mostly lurkers lurk... because
    1. They have nothing to add to what everyone else has already said
    2. They are reading blogs instead of sewing/making a toile/going into the attic to get fabric for toile/ making supper and therefore are pretending they are NOT reading blogs by not posting
    3. Getting fed up of the word verification not accepting what they are typing and then give up...


  2. I figured yesterday was for the lurkers, so I left them to it. You are now back to my regularly scheduled wittering and nonsense.

    Lucky you.

  3. Ha, Ha! I'm not sure which category I fall in...I occasionally comment and read the de-lurking post on google reader yesterday and figured since I comment sometimes I wasn't really a lurker so no need to be de-lurked!

  4. What Emmy Jones said, with knobs on.
    As you were.
    (plus I was annoyed that you hadn't answered my question about e-books, so I was slurking, which is lurking with added sulk :P)

  5. Ok, so do i show up in your count if I read via the google reader? And click over every so often? I like to comment, but hate being dragged out of anonymity. Fortunately, you let me comment from the dark shadows... Count me as a grateful reader, but a lurker to...

  6. There we go! :D
    Lurkers will alway be lurking.

    P.S. They are watching...

  7. well, shoot. I didn't realize I could be sneaky like a horse. Like the other commenters, I didn't comment yesterday because I comment on like every other post. I think the term is "stalker".

  8. I thought I needed to stand up and be counted amongst the lurkers of this world!! I am the shy type so feel a bit awkward leaving comments that seem nowhere near as funny or useful as those that are already there!

    Incidentally, because I saw that you mentioned about Josh Peck I had to go and have a look - couldn't believe that was the same lad who my son used to watch on Drake and Josh - blimey what a transformation!!

    Does this mean that I am no longer a lurker because I left a comment???? Dang, sorry lurkers, I let you down!! x Lesley

  9. @Pickled Weasel: I'd like to offer my heartfelt apologies for not answering your question about e-books. Actually, I don't know if they do or not, but I can find out and tell you as a matter of urgency.

    @Anon: I'm pretty sure that reading in your Reader doesn't hit my viewing stats. So you are an uber-lurker :)

    @Crafterhours: Being sneaky like a horse is always an option.

  10. Too late, I found out already:
    And it looks like they're free to borrow. Think of all the extra fabric you can buy!