Sunday 24 April 2011


Wedding Redux

wedding pictures 089
For the record, Maia is incapable of taking a picture without making her tongue a feature

We had a lovely day yesterday at the wedding. Maia's puffed sleeve party dress was a hit and perfectly amenable for throwing some shapes on the dance floor.

wedding pictures 092

The kids were fantastic and charming and managed to stay up five hours later than normal. Guess who still woke up at 6AM? Need a clue? He looks like this:

wedding pictures 090

Regretfully, I can't show you a single picture of me in Final Dress with accessories (the shoes are black and the bag green for the interested) as not a single picture was taken. It's hard to comprehend how documenting the minutiae of the dress and me in the dress is not as important to other people. And taking a picture of myself in the bathroom of the hotel would have been a little too sad. But here is one eighth of the dress:

wedding pictures 145

Please do not adjust your monitors to return my skin tone to normal Amanda-shade. I had a spray tan.

wedding pictures 146

And, finally, a bonus shot of the happy couple to illustrate what people in love look like.


  1. Love the rosy cheeks of hyper manic joy on the boy. :) And Maia's dress is adorable. You look lovely even in the 1/8 picture.

  2. can't believe nobody thought to document the dress in all its glory. Jamie looks absolutely ADORABLE (as does Maia of course)

    and so do you (MrNifty prompting me...I am SUCH a gobetween)

  3. Can I just say that men in kilts? ::F-ing SWOON:: I live in the completely wrong country.

    Oh and the dress is fab. And Jamie is a heartbreaker already.

  4. Aww - you and the kids look fab! Love Maia's dress.

  5. Maia's dress is great! and you have to get a recreated pic of the dress and accessories. Plus people in love look amazing too:)

  6. Your daughter's dress is beautiful! And your son looks so handsome! I was looking forward to seeing the full-on dress, lol!!