Friday, 8 April 2011


Worthy Cause Alert: Everyone report to their machines

Disclaimer: Not a girl in poverty. Girl in pillowcase dress.

A couple of days ago, Louise from Sew Scrumptious threw her weight behind the 'Dressing a girl around the world' campaign that provides lovely dresses for girls that live in poverty worldwide. Seeing that I can surely afford to devote some of my time and fabric to a very worthy cause I've signed up to donate a dress. Pillowcase dresses are one of the quickest and easiest dresses around, and Louise has helpfully provided tutorial links. Less than a yard of fabric and one hour tops, I promise.

If you'd like to join in, please sign up over on Sew Scrumptious's blog as she's coordinating the donation from the UK side! The dresses will be sent to America, so if you're on that side of the pond you might want to visit the charity's website.


  1. Thanks so much! Clearly I will be holding you to the 'one hour max' statement. You have obviously never seen me try and make something new! I foresee much swearing in my house!! Can't wait to see what everyone makes. x

  2. Ok, that's the last nudge I needed. After my last abysmal craft fair I was thinking of donating all my stock to something similar (Little Dresses for Africa) and just have been dawdling. Now that I'm Working for The Man again, and it looks like that will continue there's no reason not to. I'll be bundling up most of my pre-sewn stock to one or the other of these charities. Probably doesn't make sense to mail them to the UK but I'll at least drop a comment with Sew Scrumptious.

  3. I'm not going to officially sign up until I've made one, but I'm going to make one and send it off. Time is scarce at the moment.

  4. I have oodles of pretty fabric stashed just waiting for my baby girl to arrive....turns out I was having a boy (now 15 weeks old) and my fabric just destined to gather dust.
    I'm attacking this project with gusto and, (inbetween baby feeds, random dancing and jumperooing), am making my first today!
    I'm so excited, what a fabulous idea!

    (ps - I was born and bred in Edinburgh, my fave place ever)!

    Kerry xx