Wednesday 27 April 2011


The Reluctant Rose blouse

rose top full 3

I bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago when the plan was still for a circle-skirted dress for the wedding. I wouldn't say it is a print I'd normally be drawn to but with a 50's style dress and full pettiskirts I think it would have looked more rockabilly than romantic.

rose top binding

But for the uber-girl, it was perfectly acceptable in it's romantic state. With a channel of polka-dot binding and a bit of elastic, a peasant tunic acquired a flounce.

rose top flounce

Speaking of flounces, the tiny girl model spent the afternoon in a fury after falling off a wall at the school. And then down some stairs. Thirty seconds after I told her to get down because that exact scenario would happen.

rose top full 2

Her attempts to look continuously furious were not entirely successful.


  1. That's so pretty!

    And the grumpiness is just adorable, bless her

  2. She looks so pretty in her new top. Love it!

  3. Both blouses are pretty, but Maia is so beautiful! She's growing up so fast!!!

  4. I love both the new tops. But what I really can't get over is how BIG she looks. You can see the tween that will happen too soon.

  5. Both tops are lovely! I like the idea of the elasticated channel, might try that myself ;)

  6. So pretty! mmm great idea in the elastic in the binding.Kx

  7. That's not a fabric I'd normally ooh and ahh over but I must say I'm ooh and ahhing over how it looks on her!

  8. Man, I hate those self-fulfilling prophecies! Gorgeous girl and blouses, and your wedding dress was beautiful too!