Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Simply scooters

scooter shirt print

Looking back at my photos yesterday, I realised that I hadn't made any clothes for the kids (wedding dress excepted) in almost two months. After the complicated and somewhat fraught sewing marathon in the run-up to the wedding, I felt like I needed to make something easy and soothing.

scooter shirt full

A simple peasant top with puff sleeves and an a-line tunic length was in order.

scooter shirt

I had thought of complicating it with mixing in other fabrics, and adding some features for interest, but this scooter print is so lovely I decided to just keep it simple.

scooter top full

I am in love with our garden at the moment with the sun shining and petals from the flowering trees carpetting the grass.


  1. That is just gorgeous! So simple but so pretty. Love it!

  2. Almost two months! :-) Those are very lucky kids, you know, having you. That's a lovely top.

  3. I LOVE that fabric. What is it? Rheya needs a top like that.