Friday 29 April 2011


So cool even non-royalists would approve. Probably.

Just in case you were living like a medieval ascetic in a cave without access to the outside world for the last six months, there was a tiny understated royal wedding this morning. The dress was gorgeous.

Attention sewing dorks: there's heaps of information about the dress and construction here.

Obviously, I would have lost my sewing blogger credentials without mentioning the dress but there's added motivation: my good friends at The Life Craft have been reconstructing the dress since it was first spotted this morning! Seeing the progress pics on Twitter have been fantastic, like this one of the bodice with lace overlay:

But you can also catch the live-stream webcam action here! They're just attaching the back skirt and the lovely model is waiting in the wings for Final Dress. Go have a look-see before they finish. Very impressive.


  1. That is so neat! They're talented!

  2. Only problem with having been out all day to avoid wedding junk is missing cool things like this.

  3. Ooh, thank you for posting the link to the dress geekery page. That was just what I wanted to know.

    Hand appliqu├ęd lace. Heh. First someone make s the lace, then someone else cuts it up and invisibly sews it to some other lace. I think I know *how* to do that now, but never in a month of sundays could I *actually* do it!

    It was fun watching the Life Craft show today too, wasn't it?