Friday, 15 April 2011


The Home Stretch Dress

It's impossible to try on just a bodice and pin to fit so I reckoned I should finish the leopard dress in it's entirety. You know, so the 4000 people that ragged on me about the print could have another day of glee. I'm benevolent like that.

leopard dress full

I'm not looking smug here, promise. I'm smiling at my old school friend, Nashira, who complained on Facebook about me always cropping my head out. Here is my head: be kind with it.

leopard dress side

The canny amonst you will have noticed that I'm trying out a pencil skirt instead of a circle skirt. There's some extra fabric at centre front that's pooling out, but other than that the fit is pretty good.

leopard dress back

The back shows no glaring fit issues.

leopard dress bodice

Kat ever so kindly expressed her concern yesterday that the boobies would eat her up. I'm hoping it looks less threatening on me than on Doppelganger. If you saw this bodice at a wedding, would you be scared for your life?

leopard dress belted

And finally, here is it belted. Trying this out has shown me that the waist and hips need to come in another inch or so because the fabric is bunching. Finding and fitting my natural waist is proving tricksy.

So, do you like it? Gilberto on Flickr does. Isn't he dashing in his field?

I'd appreciate your insight on Final Dress...
  • Are breasts threatening?
  • Circle skirt and petticoat or pencil skirt?
  • Contrasting waistband or same waistband?
  • Bonus question for experts: The v-neck is standing up off my chest and not adhering to my curve (particularly at centre front) so that the 65% of people who are taller than me can see my bra no matter what... how do I fix this other than add a dart along neckline?


  1. That dress doesn't say "leopard" so much as "cougar". LOL But seriously, it's fabulous and I think you should wear that to the wedding. As is. With the belt/sash thing. And the red shoes. Maybe fishnets. And a boufaunt. Do you own Aquanet? Do you smoke? Cause that'd be hawt.

    (ps. I didn't participate in the hassling yesterday so I'm making up for it today. The bodice fit is much nicer than the otherone but I prefer the fuller skirt, though that one does fit nicely)

  2. So vampy - it looks great!

    Personally, I like the slimmer skirt but think it would look good either way. As for the waist band, I think that it would depend on your final choice of fabric. If you go for a fuller skirt, I would definitely use a tie/belt/contrasting clour to show off your little waist.

    Definite thumbs up here :0)

  3. Hubba hubba :)
    I vote circle skirt, don't know about waistband, I would have to see your final fabric first. You've definitely nailed the bodice, you get a gold star.
    I'm not qualified enough to comment on the neck dart issue, mainly because I would have given up at stage 1 of this project :D

  4. You just look fabulous. I have green-spotted leopard print envy.

    The bodice is fine. It fits and flatters, I don't think anyone will fear your bosom! My personal preference for the dress was the circle skirt, because I adore the retro feel to it. However, the pencil skirt is so flattering on you, and very elegant. You could honestly do either, it really depends on the final fabric and how 'dressy' you'd like to go. You might also get a little more wear out of the narrower skirt since it's not 'so much', if you catch my drift.

    I'm of the opinion that the waist should be the same, but again that is heavily dependent on the final fabric. If you're using a busy or small print, then a contrasting waist in a solid color would probably look awesome.

    I'm no expert on the neckline issue, but as a short, busty woman myself, I've found that people see my bra way less often than I think they will. Just because they're taller doesn't mean they are looking at the same angle you are - unless they are leaning over your shoulder from behind, which is just creepy and lecherous.

    Bravo! If I lived on the other side of the Atlantic I'd hire you to fit all my clothes for me.

  5. With the neck issue, you could put in a little elastic around the edge. With the elastic being just a tad bit shorter than the neckline. It will help hug your curves as opposed to just gaping open.

  6. That dress in that print is awesome! But not wedding-awesome, unless it's a very, very informal do indeed. But you totally need to slap on some red lippie and take it out to play sometime. Smoking hot.

    Does the pattern itself gape at the neckline, or is it just the dress that does so? It might be a bit of give along the bias at that point and some hefty stabilising may sort the problem. But I agree that your own view down your cleavage is generally heaps more revealing that it appears to everyone else. I also agree that the bodice is gorgeous and in no way makes your rack scary. As if!

    Either skirt look gorgeous and it really is up to you which you go for. The slim one is more sleek, but the circle one is so fun and swishy.

  7. Yum! I love it! Best one yet! Very 'rawr', Gilberto has great taste, haha.
    I think it's very flattering in the bosumy area without being totally skankeriffic. I show that much boob on a good day completely by accident in a perfectly decent tshirt. Sometimes with help from small children. Mostly with help from small children.
    And the circle skirt is fun stuff but in a fabric like this the pencil is very rawr.

  8. This is producing more internet discussion than Kate and William's wedding... (I think it looks great, by the way).

  9. Boobs: not threatening
    Waistband: contrasting
    Skirt: full or pencil, depending on the final fabric.

  10. For a wedding I think I prefer the fuller circle skirt, although the pencil is very non threatening.

    For solid fabric I would match the waistband and with a print I would do contrasting.

    Boobs, not scary.

    And you need to keep this outfit and cook up some stranger in a bar scenario with Stephen.

  11. This is actually *FOR* Kate and William's wedding, right?

  12. *Boobs not trying to eat me
    *Pencil skirt
    *knowing the ultimate fabric I'm voting same waistband
    *You could always save some sewing experimentation use tape if you are convinced your in-laws are trying to look down your dress...

  13. Yowza! You hit it on the head with this one. It's pencil skirt all the way. I wouldn't have been able to put in words the "not quite right-ness" of the previous versions, but that was it. The skirt. Now it's perfect. You look so elegant (and that is quite the accomplishment in leopard print. Not that I really have anything against a good leopard print, especially paired with red accessories.) Save the circle skirt for when you go line dancing.

    as for the bust, I think it looks fine as is (well, more than fine really. My flat chest is having a hard time facing the screen due to feelings of inadequacy and seething jealousy)

    But, if you wanted to take it in, you could take your original pattern piece (I assume there is a fold line at the center bust?) and angle it so the waist line stays as is, but the bust line gets shorter. It'll change the angle of the neckline a smidge and make it slightly tighter and higher. But only by the slightest little bit. Does that make sense? I've had to do that before to fix a gaping bust line, but for much the opposite reason.

  14. I vote for the pencil skirt and contrasting waistband. The bodice is fine - and I second the comment about bras not showing as much as you think they do. That's one fine dress.

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous in this style. The fit is perfect except for that little bit of excess fabric in the tummy area. I vote straight skirt for this one, and I can't decide on the sash - depends on the final fabric you choose. It looks great either way!

  16. They just get better and better! This is Fabulous!! It looks great with the belt thingey and the red shoes. Thumbs up from me too!

  17. Holy amazing!! I love t he pencil skirt in the leopard, and it would look great in dupioni as well. For the neckline, you could cut it in two pieces to give yourself a center front seam to curve, or you could ease it onto a shorter piece of stabilizing tape to pull it in a little. I wouldn't use elastic, as it would be likely to pucker if you overdid it, but it would work to keep the peepers out.

  18. Coo, that bodice looks perfect, so impressed.

  19. Wow - it looks awesome! Love the contrasting belt with pencil skirt, and the boobs are not nearly as scary as I usually find boobs to be (being used to ribs, myself). I swear by double-sided tape to snug things down - I have thin ones called "Matchsticks" in a size perfect for bra straps.