Thursday, 7 April 2011


Disheartened Zebra is disheartened

Introducing.... version two of the Sis Boom Jamie dress.

Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress

Things not to judge me for:
  1. Making a zebra print dress. It's been in my stash for 37 years and it's wide enough for a half-circle skirt.
  2. Wearing red tights. I already had them on today, and couldn't be arsed changing them.
  3. Lack of blog posts. It's Virgin Media again and three nights in a row with the internet shut off at 7PM.
  4. Whining. My prerogative.
Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress sash

I'm not even sure I can call it a Sis Boom Jamie dress anymore because of all the changes I made to the pattern. Jennifer Paganelli, do not even sue me for copyright infringement or misrepresentation or even defamation, it won't be worth your time and court costs.

Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress back

I will start with the back... I extended the sash from the original party at the front to party all around, and still maintained the pleats. Pinning Version: Awkward in Pink to my doppelganger (who was helpfully wearing my bra) made me realise that the elastication was not necessary in the back, so there is no elastic at all. Straps were rotated to vertical, armhole given a deeper curve. Despite manifold changes, my bra strap still shows. I HATE YOU, BRA STRAP.

Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress bodice
'Oh, bodice', the matron sighed as a single tear ran down her cheek, 'you had so much promise...'

I made so many changes to the bodice I'll probably need to start up a whole 'nother blog just to talk about it. To summarise: I moved the strap so it came out vertically (and shortened the straps three inches), scooped out a bit at armpit, made it slightly scooped neck rather than straight across (and switched to 1/4" elastic to follow the curve better), added some fullness under the bust for a bit of height / to cover my bra, and decreased the height at centre front bottom* to eliminate the pooling. Here's a under-appreciated camera move:

Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress gathers
Below the boob looking up...

So great was my desire not to bulk up my centre front and present the world with Mono-Boob, I moved all of the gathers under bust. This was probably over-vigilance.

Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress skirt

The skirt was changed from a gathered skirt to a half circle skirt. I did some late-night mathematics to draft 3/4" circle and full circle patterns as well**. Mr Dorset, if you're reading this: 'You were right, I totally still use geometry and algebra when I'm older'. Skirt is not hemmed yet.

Zebra Sis Boom Jamie dress side

The verdict? Meh.
  • The Good: Waistband gets a thumbs up
  • The Bad: Bodice still looks ultra-matronly to me (I know, zebra stripes + bosom shelf = bad idea)
  • The Divisive: On one hand, I like the fullness. On the other hand, drapes cause bulk to stomach region. Although not having to worry about posture and support undergarments is appealing, I would also like to look thin because 30 Day Shred will render me so in about 13 days.
What say you?

* Pickled Weasel, I await your joke about centre front bottom.
**Thank you, KID MD, for your awesome tutorials on half, three quarters and full circle skirts!


  1. Um, it may (but I doubt it) just be me, but I LOVE IT!! Zebra + pink + circle skirt = full on awesomeness. The print is busy enough that if there are fit imperfections in the bodice, I certainly can't see them. It looks like you fixed the pooling completely.

  2. I love it! And that's saying something as I hate pink and animal prints! LOOOOVE it

  3. I think it looks amazing, I really like the whole ensemble. You are far too hard on yourself.

    You should await some of your pervy Flickr pals finding these pics though, I'm sure your below boob will be a big hit with your swimwear fans!!

  4. What can I judge you for, then? You wear the zebra and pink combo well. How'd you figure out what to do with all of those fixes at the same time?

  5. I have a friend who would probably drive the 1000 mile round trip just to pinch that out of your wardrobe - she LOVES Zebra print. Think it looks great!

  6. I don't think it's a miss at all - That dress looks amazing on you. The fit, the fabrics, It's gorgeous. I even love it with the red tights, but i can be a tad eccentric. Love the shoes too.

  7. As someone not usually into zebra print I am surprised to say that I LOVE IT too!! The pink waist band looks fab against the zebra print. Really really like it. Not sure about the pink tights tho! You totally rock sewing wise. Am in complete awe of your sewing (and maths) skills!!

  8. I love it so much. So cute on you.

    I think you need to photoshop someone else's head onto it so you can pretend it isn't you and be objective.

  9. Shush, it looks awesome. Much better gathering around the bosoms and the half circle skirt looks fabulous.

    Well done, now stop the self flagelation.

  10. Very Nice! It looks great on you.

  11. There are just some occasions that call for a bold outfit, I'm sure you'll find use for the dress. If you are feeling uncomfortable with the bosom shelf and tummy pooch, consider lowering the sash to create a trimmer waist and eliminate the shelf appearance. . .but I ADORE the sash!

  12. I think it looks ace... and rockabilly which is even more ace... please go with a big red flower in your hair. I love the red tights with it too. the bust does look a tiny bit matronly but not overly so.. could you lower it a tiny bit for a small amount of cleavage? you look absoloutely smashing my dear.

  13. i love it - really really like it with the tights too :)

  14. I love the changes that you made to the dress pattern. I adore the zebra print, and I like everything about how your dress turned out. I think it looks great with a less-gathered bodice on you.

    I think it's perfect...have you decided yet if you're going to continue with it, or scrap it for something else for the wedding?

  15. I'm totally jumping on the wagon to say, "I love it too!" I think the bold red sash accentuates your waist, drawing attention away from the "bosom shelf" (nice phrase!) and creates a nice thin line with beautiful, feminine curves on either end. Seriously, this dress is stunning on you, and you should wear it proudly saying to every admirer, "Yes, I did make this myself, thankyouverymuch."

  16. Ok, I'm going to swim against the tide as per usual...
    I think the contrasting sash doesn't work, as it makes you look very short in the body. If you make the sash in the same fabric as the dress it wouldn't be so much of a problem, but if you want to keep it contrasting I agree with Angie about lowering the sash, it would help balance it out.

    I'm liking the full circle skirt, it looks fab on you, much more flattering than the gathered version. And for the final time YOU DO NOT HAVE A PODGY TUMMY! Seriously.

    You can do what you like with your centre front bottom, as long as you don't post photos of it.

  17. I absolutely LOVE it! It is wonderful! I want one.

  18. OH i love all the changes you made. I'm considering scrapping mine as the gathered skirt is totally making me look frumpy. Your's is very hip and young and fun!

  19. I love the dress as well - I'm seeing it with no tights and strappy sandals myself...but I am from Alabama, where we prefer to go shoeless!

  20. You don't like it? I'll take it off your hands! Seriously, it looks great. The sash really makes it and I like zebra print anyway. Also you made a maths teacher of my acquaintance smile.

  21. You are hilarious and I'm so glad I found your blog through the sew-along. I favorited your etsy shop long ago, but never thought about looking for the blog that went with it.
    I think the dress looks great! What do you think would make it look less "matronly" on you? Just curious if a simple, sweet scoop neck is matronly, what would be better?

  22. Thank you!!!!!! This is an awesome idea! You did a great job :o)

  23. I love it! To me, it looks perfect!! Now I want to make another one with a circle skirt too. The math might be a challenge.

  24. I can't stop looking at this dress - it's so amazing! Do not be disheartened. Your efforts are hugely inspiring. Seeing this, I have been inspired to try my hand at the Jamie dress for myself ... not sure I am brave enough to share the results of!