Wednesday 20 April 2011


Make-up bags in triplicate

In between making my dress and Maia's dress for the wedding (three sleeps!), I had to take a pause and finish a commission. The brief: three make-up bags that are related but not identical. Despite my ginormous stash, there weren't a lot of fabrics I had in three colourways with coordinatings linings... But I found enough Joel Dewberry's to make these:

Joel Dewberry make up bags

In order to fit quite a bit of goodies inside, they measure eleven inches in length. As the zippers in my stash only measure eight inches, I did covered zipper ends out of the lining fabric.

Joel Dewberry make up bags (brown)

Rather than looking like hodge-podge solution to too a too short zipper, I think (do not even correct me if I'm wrong) it makes the bags a bit snazzier.

Joel Dewberry make up bags (green)

Each bag has a coordinating Ginseng Tiles fabric inside. Two decor weights and some heavy interfacing means they stand up really well.

Joel Dewberry make up bags (maroon)

There's not much more I can say about the make-up bags, other than I'm relieved that I was able to squeeze them in without disrupting the dress-making extravaganza. I would have hated to disappoint the recipient of the bags or run out of time to finish the dresses before the weekend! Please share in my relief that Maia's dress is complete and my dress just has the skirt to go...


  1. Love these bags! That trick with the zip ends looks absolutely fantastic, well done chick!

  2. The covered zipper ends are snazzy indeed. Another lovely item added to my envy pile. Good luck with the dresses!

  3. So pretty, i love them!
    Can you print some photos of something sewn badly sometime? I recoil in horror at the sight of my own creations when I see such amazing sewing as yours.

    Bah humbug (I'm not at all bitter)! xx

  4. It's hard to go wrong with Joel Dewberry, and his fabrics look beautiful on your bags. I love the extra length for your zipper ends too!

  5. I love these, totally gorgeous! Well done you *jealous* x

  6. I like the ends covered so the mouth of the bag doesn't gap totally open. It makes them seem more substantial in some way.

    Love the colors, too. And hurrah for dresses that are almost done. I'm trying to get some stuff done before we got to Sesame Street Live next Tuesday.

  7. They look great. Looking forward to seeing yours and Maia's dresses...

  8. They're so lovely and I love the lining fabric. I'm really looking forward to seeing yours and Maia's dresses too. Have a great Easter weekend.