Monday, 27 October 2008


The big tease

I recently subscribed to Ottobre, a Finnish magazine chock full of patterns for baby and kids clothes. Each edition has about forty different garments ranging from newborn to tween, all adorable, all positively begging me to make them...

So... a happy tale of a keen seamstress finding the magazine of her dreams?

Perhaps the savvy amongst you will have noticed I said forty patterns per magazine... each in about five different sizes... average number of pieces per pattern about six... So a minimum of 1200 pieces??!!

'But wait', I hear you cry, 'how do they fit so much into one magazine?!'

Here's the catch... they nest them. Layers upon layers upon layers of lines, all on top of each other. So you have to trace them all, until your eyes bleed. And then, to beat you when you're down, you have to add the seam allowances yourself.

So for now, looking and longing...

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