Wednesday 22 October 2008


Maia takes a stand

I guess she finally snapped after the constant grind of me following her around, going "Maia, look at me", "Maia, smile", "Maia, over here", "Maia, no, don't put your finger in there", "Maia, Maia, Maia, Maia, Maia"...

First, it was boredom. The look on her face says, "Do you really think anyone would buy your clothes when they make me look so glum and disinterested?"

Then, open rebellion. Yes... my 17 month old did the only thing her little toddler brain could comprehend, she put a box on her head. Quite a nice pic of the outfit though, yes?

Or perhaps my little guys are just strange little creatures, here is a video including the box on head. I had to include it (if nothing else) as proof I am not the box / head perpetrator. Allow me to translate for Jamie...

J: Mom, I'm going in the elevator with Maia. I'm going to push a button. I show you. Mom, okay, I press it, ready? Push, okay. Go! Maia, you go in elevator with Jamie. (Pause) You go in elevator with Jamie.

Mr Weinstein, if you're listening, I've got a real nail-biter here...

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