Tuesday 7 October 2008


The Evolution of the peasant blouse

So I'm a bit partial to the peasant blouse, then I came up with the design for the 'double elastic in the neck' peasant dress, and I was playing around last night to make it a drawstring neck with a ribbon bow tie. I really need to get some muslim or something, as my prototypes always end up being made with 'proper' fabric. This is a really nice white cotton shirting, I got such a bargain on it on ebay and it's supposedly the same fabric that posh men's work shirts are made out of. But, it's white, so not very practical for little 'uns. I'm thinking of dyeing it or even litho-printing it... but would people really buy anything in shocking white for a wee one (even though it's cotton and machine washable)?

The drawstring neck was a beautiful idea in principle, but not perhaps the best idea in practice. Within about 15 seconds, Maia had undone the bow and I chased her around retying it in an attempt to get a pic. It was a great game for one of us.

I am going to take the seam ripper to it tomorrow and try some pin tucks and a small scooped neckline instead. Failing that, a cut down the front, more pintucks, a small stand up collar, a panel and voila... a trench!

BTW, it's jam on her face, not a terrible rash.

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