Monday, 20 October 2008


I know toddlers are meant to be irritating, but does he have to be so polite about it??

Jamie's favourite phrase just now is 'maybe that's enough'. I'm not sure when or why this particular saying has taken such a prominent position in our dialogue but a normal day includes many of these:

  • Me: Having something to eat. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Me: On the computer. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Me: Talking on the phone. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Me: Having a shower. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Me: Having a pee. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Me: Paying attention to Maia. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Maia: Playing with toys. Jamie: 'Maybe that's enough'.
  • Anyone: Doing anything that doesn't totally revolve around meeting Jamie's immediate needs and genuflecting prostrate at his feet.
    You get the picture...
So I've tried hard to instill manners in the kids, and I probably thought that if I occasionally said 'Maybe that's enough' rather than 'Stop! Now!' that I could regulate his behaviour without seeming too dogmatic. Give him a little sense of empowerment that 'Hey... maybe that is enough, maybe I'll stop right there'. This of course never happens, and now 'maybe that's enough' really has become the understatement of the year.

It was raining with gale force winds here today, so on the walk to meet friends, (toilet-training) Jamie and I tested out that old adage 'p*ssing in the wind'. It's all true.

On the sewing side of things, here is a picture of the new tunic-style top I've made for autumn / winter. I was supposed to get an action pic in the Botanic Gardens today, but would have preferred the action pic not to be Maia falling butt first into a muddly puddle. So tunics had to be hidden artfully in the bushes for pictures.


  1. Hhhaha maybe that's enough Jamie!

  2. My daughter had an apple print one of these from you - we had her picture taken in it aged 3, some 5 years ago. It's on our wall still :)