Friday 10 October 2008


Geez, Super Why, you might want to go to the doctor for that...

It was Jamie's birthday today so I was up late last night making his cake. His current obsession is with a programme called Super Why so I thought, ('being dead crafty') it would be... well... a piece of cake. Do pardon the pun. Anyway, I was up until 2AM. Now, you might think that staying up so late would be an indication of quality of decoration. That is not the case, about 15 minutes was spent decorating the cake and about an hour un-decorating / fixing. My inspiration was the episode where Super Why gets jaundice and Bell's Palsy and the irises of his eyes bleed into the whites of his eyes. As you can see, the verisimilitude is amazing. As a special treat to my son, the cake was also incredibly bland.

Luckily, I am a better sewer than baker. I had big ideas for a special birthday shirt and had a fabric with numbers on it in mind. I was very lucky that I actually found fabric with numbers as again (recognise the theme?) I left it way too late. Anyway, it is black with white numbers. I was going to make a hoodie but the other three things I've made him in the last month have all been hoodies, so I thought I'd do something different. Boys are hard, especially the older they get, so I settled on a bowling shirt. And the 3s on the fabric were painted (coloured-in) in red fabric paint so it was extra-special for his third birthday. Strangely, there were very few threes on the fabric, so it looks a bit spartan, although I did make sure there was one positioned on his chest. In the end, he didn't mind it so much and let me take some pics.


  1. Hi there! That comment about the Bell's Palsy made me laugh out loud!!

    I enjoy your blog by the way!

  2. Thanks for posting! I'm glad you enjoy my blog!

  3. Hi! I just saw the pictures of your son's 3-year old number shirt - WOW! My son LOVES numbers too and I wanted to make a number comforter for his bed and that fabric would be perfect! Could you tell me the name of it and/or where you found it? Thank you so much!!-