Tuesday, 28 October 2008


An Etsy milestone!

As I do every night (and morning, and breakfast time, tea time, lunch time, high tea time, dinner time, etc), last night before bed I checked my Etsy shop to see if anything was going on. I look to see how many times my different items have been viewed, how many people favourite my shop... you know, research. Or gratification. Or masochism. Depends on the day!

Anyway, last night in my pre-bed ritual, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the cowboy hoodie had been viewed 200 times in 2 hours. I'm not that great at self-promotion (says the girl with the blog, haha!) so that could mean only one thing... someone else had promoted it somewhere.

Who needs sleep, right? So I went a-hunting and there it was on the front page. Not a Treasury, mind, but on the front page nonetheless! One of the Etsy Admin team wrote an article about Christmas promotion and Jamie in the cowboy hoodie was the second picture. Here is the full link:


And the obligatory screenshot!
Day two, it's at almost 900 views!

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