Monday, 13 October 2008


A scary weekend and joyful homecoming

I failed in my aim to post everyday but I have a good reason... Maia has been suffering with a heavy cold for the last couple of weeks and had been getting progressively grumpy. On Friday, I took her to the docs in the morning as she was having a hard time breathing and again in the evening as she got much worse. Poor little mite was panting like a dog and her little tummy and chest were moving in and out so fast. Luckily the doc sent us straight up to the Sick Kids hospital and after monitoring and a chest x-ray, she was diagnosed with a nasty chest infection (as well as an ear infection) and was admitted for treatment. None of it was particularly pleasant: nebulisers, foul tasting medicine by mouth, inhalors, tubes in noses, monitors taped to toes, pokes and proddings... but she was a wee trooper and coped really well. By Saturday she was running around waving and saying 'hi' to dozens of people, pushing chairs around the ward, pestering expensive machines, trying to steal other kids food / drinks / toys, pulling on and peeking under curtains that people had pull for privacy (or maybe just to get a break from her!) and taking full advantage of all the toys in the play room. After three long nights for both of us, we were discharged this morning. She is so happy, bright, and full of mischief... we had kinda forgotton that this was the true Maia after a couple of weeks of grumpiness.
Our little scamp (on Jamie's birthday):

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