Friday 24 October 2008


A humbling day

We went to a funeral today for a friend of Steven's, she was the sister of one of his good friends and also the wife of another. It was not a religious ceremony, but was instead performed by her parents, husband and siblings, and I was just so moved by it. I only met her maybe a half a dozen times but the service they had to commemorate her life was so touching and personal that I learned a lot about her. Everyone who spoke was so brave and strong. And we sang songs by Madonna and Elvis, which I've never done at a funeral before! For the record, when I go, I want a service just like that.

She was only 35 and they had a daughter a couple of months after I had Maia. Despite the fact I didn't know her well, I was devastated when I heard that she had cancer and that it was terminal. She had a daughter just like Maia, and I can't imagine the suffering she must have gone through knowing she wouldn't see her grow up.

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