Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Let me at 'em!

Weeks and weeks and weeks ago I ordered fabric from the States. Lots of fabric. And it didn't come for ages. So I chased it up. She had somehow forgot to send it. She sent it. And it didn't come for ages. I was ready to chase it up again this week, when lo and behold, our doorbell went today (coincidentally just as I was complaining to my mom on the phone about how it had gone missing) and it was our kindly, retired neighbour from upstairs. She had accepted delivery for us yesterday. As per usual, Jamie answered the door completely naked from the waist down.

Jamie, Maia and I opened up the package to inspect the goods, lots of "Wow"s and "Gorgeous"s from Jamie and vague disinterest from Maia. But did I get to play around with my new stuff tonight?! Nope, I had to finish my last order from Etsy. The international trillion-dollar banking bail-out has worked quicker than expected, I had four orders this week :) It was a boombox hoodie, like this one.

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