Monday 9 August 2010


Are we still Cool?

Once upon a time, there was a posse of girls legendary for their Coolness. They walked around like they were starring in a music video, whispers of 'Where did she get those clothes?!' in their wake. They smirked to themselves, they exchanged knowing glances with other Cool Girls. For they made these clothes themselves, based on their very own measurements. Time passed, everyone languished in their static level of Cool. But then they started to wonder, 'WTF, Amanda? Weren't we supposed to work our way through the book?'

I made this pictorial representation of The Cool Girl Sewalong resurrecting like a phoenix from the flames. Feel free to print it out and bring it along to your tattoo artist. You're welcome. So, who's game? With the skirts under our belt and the t-shirts chalked down to experience, there are two distinct paths in front of us.

Option one: The Basic Blouse.

Those of us busty girls will need to add some shaping beyond the side seams (i.e. darts, gathers, princess seams) but with strength in numbers it could actually be a very educational experience. Or a complete freaking shower of sh*te that makes us cry tears of blood, commit hari-kari and smash our sewing machines with an axe.

Option two: The basic trousers

I understand that some people are intimidated (and quite possibly squicked out) by trousers with all their rises and front crotch this and back crotch that.

I vote for the trousers, but being a munificent and magnanimous leader I'll go with the blouse if out-voted. Who wants to play?


  1. I was cool, I want to continue to be cool but was made to feel uncool and quite frankly freaky in size and shape when I realised my breats weren't in line with my arm pits! The t-shirt knocked me (alot) so I vote for the trollies too, although with no walls, doors, etc I may be a little behind the rest of you.......

  2. Considering my current dimensions, I'm pretty sure that drafting a shirt is right out, but I can add a maternity panel to pants, so I'd be in for that!

  3. I'd like to do the trousers rather than the shirt - I've made trousers for Kathryn and they were not difficult, and I've never managed to make a shirt yet, they always go wrong!

  4. Trews please :) I don't really wear blouses.

  5. a vote for trousers here too

  6. I would go for the trousers...fitting sleeves has just made me weep in the past, being a rather busty girl it has been challenging....

  7. I'm much more likely to do the trousers. The t-shirt was a mess and I never even finished it. I still have learning FBA on my to-do list and it might be enough to keep me from making a blouse. That and the fact that button down shirts look HORRIBLE on me if not fitted precisely. And I never wear them. :)

  8. I say trousers for all the above reasons in the previous comments.
    Not that im even cool any more!
    Im SO UNCOOL right now i dont even have a sewing machine.........

    *Goes off to cry uncontrollably for the rest of the morning!*

    x K

  9. I can't wait to be cool again! I would vote for the blouse just because I don't have one, but that whole bust thing was traumatic...~shudder~ so Trousers! Yay