Thursday 5 August 2010


Rationing the lovely for a Netbook Sleeve

I might have excruitiatingly lovely new fabric and an aversion to actually cutting it, but I can bring myself to use tiny little scraps. Baby steps, Amanda, baby steps....

If magic skinny shoes weren't enough self-indulgence, I also bought a Netbook on holiday. Go, me. But it needed a sleeve if I was ever to put it within the pestilence and detritus that is the interior of my handbag.

There it is, my shiny new Netbook. The sleeve has a magnetic snap and light orange linen lining.

Let's go round back and see what's going on here. A zippered pocket with white and red polkadots!

You know, for my notebooks and pen.


  1. Such decadence deserves to be protected. Very smart!

  2. see? now you are at it again...inspiring fabric lust in me...must.get.tufted.tweets.

    really cool netbook case :)

  3. Ooo - that is such a lovely netbook case!

  4. That is a terrific netbook case. I should make one for myself. You will LOVE your netbook!

  5. Gorgeous. My iPad has case envy. I was looking at your friend Vonnie's new shop in Glasgow (well, the website) and then I had a strange dream that night about her not letting me in and then I was stealing things to get revenge....very odd.

  6. nifty netbook case... perhaps you should do some more cases and bags for your shop.. then you would only be using small pieces of fabric and making nifty useful things that are geekily all the best things are!

  7. want want want one for my macbook

  8. Love, love, love it! And totally get the need to protect from the inside of your bag... I have about 2 inches of the bottom of mine that I try not to touch, dread to think what's down there...
    Anyway, could you/have you done a tute for this? Particularly the lined zipped pocket, I wouldn't even know where to start and it's SO cute!