Sunday, 1 August 2010


The Robot Spacesuit dress

When Maia came home from her grandparents on Thursday with some shiny silver shoes I had to rethink my dress strategy. Maybe I wouldn't make her look like an extra from a period film... Maybe I'd dress her like a space age robot.

I picked this silver fabric up on Friday afternoon, and the darker silver lining that you can see on the underside of the skirt. That everyone saw on the underside of the skirt, because all day long she bunched her skirt up around her waist.

This is her cheeky face. She has it on 98% of the time. If I'd had more time, I would have tracked down a silver fabric that doesn't unravel if you so much as look as it. If was a glass half full type of girl, I'd say that we'll have plenty to do this week picking silver filaments out of the carpet.

Jamie looked the business. We traipsed all over Edinburgh looking for a childsized cravat before I admitted defeat, bought an adult one, and cut it up to make a pint-sized one.

If you'd told me fifteen years ago I'd have a son who wore a kilt I'd have called Social Services and tried to have you sectioned.

He is probably running from all the girls who wanted to kiss him.

I wore the pink dress.


  1. Glad you wore the pink!
    Maia and Jamie are so beautiful!

  2. You all look lovely, I want a silver dress! Not for Elise - for me!

  3. You all look that a triple scotch Jamie has there? A man after my own heart...although I'd rather Irish instead.

  4. And you look amazing!!

    And Maia and Jamie are adorable. Nice work!

  5. You all look amazing - where did you score the silver fabric from?

  6. You all look fantastic! Hope you had a fab time. x

  7. Va va va voom! Yowzers! I could tell from your usual pics that you're cute, but honey, in that pink dress you are all kinds of hot...

    And I mean that in a totally girlfriendish way, not in a creepy cyber stalker way.

  8. You all look gorgeous! I love Maia's silver dress, and her cheeky face. :) As my Grandpa would say, "she's going to break some hearts".

  9. Y'all look amazing - love the silver dress. And how cool that men wear kilts!!!

  10. Y'all look amazing - love the silver dress. And how cool that men wear kilts!!!

  11. such a beautiful family... and so glad your wore the pink dress you look stunning.

    *whispers* I used to have some silver shoes when I was a kid that I wore with an abomination of a blue and pink dress with sea shells on it... there is probably photographic evidence of it at my parents house.. from back when I was a cute and slim child and didnt hide from the camera like i mostly do now

  12. That cheeky face is awesome. LOVE the outfits on the kids. Too cute. And you are an adorable couple! Love this whole post!

    I have some of that silver fabric also - used a small square once, swore at the mess - and now it just sits there.....

  13. You're hilarious! My best friend is scottish and you remind me so much of her!
    I LOVE the silver fabric, and that little cheeky girl of yours:)
    Visiting from
    Come by and check out the super fun giveaway going on right now:)