Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Well, this is embarassing...

God Bless Steven. He always buys me books that he thinks will be relevant to my interests. Like when I was pregnant with Jamie, for my birthday he bought me loads of books that involved babies. And then those babies died, and were kidnapped, and broke up their parents' marriages, and grew up to be serial killers. The interests: correct. The details: incorrect.

Amanda likes the internet and oversharing! This is the book for her!

Umm, Steven... I don't want to die because someone on the internet discovers my deepest fears and uses them against me. (Lazy Prospective Killers, click here.) And I certainly DO NOT WANT TO DIE FROM SECONDARY EMBARRASSMENT.

It is very hard to read a book through your fingers.

The author, Jeffery Deaver:

Thank you for making me feel young.


  1. Wow, and I thought the insipid baking mysteries (yes) I started reading at the beach were bad!

  2. Phaaa.....Is he TRYING to put you off blogging!...Although having seen pic's of your fabric stash i would definatly consider homicide to get my hands on it!....Sleep with one eye open Amanda...One eye open!
    x K

  3. Laugh,cry,laugh I think your hubby has a great warped sense of humour. Kx

  4. Hahahahaaaa! He is a very popular author with borrowers at work, but I think maybe someone at his publishers is to blame for trying suggesting he tries to 'get down with the kids' :)
    And shame on you auntninn. Do you read those quilting mysteries as well?

  5. Funny enough i just finished reading a JD novel. 'The Vanished man'.....If your book is anything like that one then it will just get more ridiculous! I do not understood his popularity!....I suggest you re-read book four (or is it three???) of Sookie chronicls....The one where Eric looses his memory...My Favourite!....Hummmm Naked Eric running down the road..hummmmm

    My word vrification is ...'cocnests'...Seriously!
    x K

  6. O_o ... um I can send you some Merry Genty novels... with pretty pretty faries in them... much less scary than a novel with text speak that i would feel the need to throw across the room or set fire to...even though setting fire to books is the worst thing ever it sometimes has to be done with crap like that and the insipid Sparkly Stalker.