Friday, 27 August 2010


The post where I demonstrate my ability to segue

Good afternoon, folks. Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday! I had a very nice day with a trip to the cinema, a lunch outside the confines of my house and a caterpillar cake that I didn't carry around in a backpack:

So... birthdays. With my (justified) reputation as a bookworm, I am always gifted books for any and all special occasions. Look at yesterday's haul! Has anyone read any of these beauties?

And speaking of delectable reading materials, look what Pickled Weasel sent me! Admittedly, it wasn't for my birthday as such. But do you really need a special occasion for True Blood and Alexander Skarsgard? No, you don't. Steven has been rolling his eyes at me for about six days straight because I am not getting more mature with age, I'm regressing into a silly, mooning teenage girl. What - ever, Steven.

So... let's jump right back to the subject of my birthday. My lovely in-laws gave me money to buy a much-needed new coat. What's that, a coat? Oh yes, speaking of coats, I'm participating in the Lady Grey sew-along on Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing.

Click here for more info

Anyone else playing along? I can't decide what fabric to use but I'm leaning towards a raincoat fabric. Can you believe that I don't have a waterproof jacket? And I live in Scotland? The sheer madness of it.

While we're on the subject of sew-alongs: Cool Girls, I have not abandoned you. Starting Monday I'll be doing the weekly update on the process, starting with the dreaded body measurements. Get your tape measures and tissues out!

And finally, while we're on the subject of meta-sewing, anybody seen this and been tempted?

Shabby Apple are having a Design a Dress competition! For more info and the rules, click here. But you can't do it, because I might. I call first dibs on winning.

As always, I eagerly await any comments. To help you navigate the meanderings, a summary for me and you:
  1. Caterpillar cake: comments probably unnecessary
  2. New books: please share enthusiasm
  3. Viking Vampires: exchange tales of being silly in this respect (or any other)
  4. Sew-along Lady Grey: tell me what fabric to use
  5. Cool Girls' sew-along: forgive tendency to procrastinate / confirm tape measures
  6. Shabby Apple design comp: pat my back / stroke my hair


  1. I haven't read New York yet, but I've read London and Sarum, and I'd read anything by him. The sheer magnitude of research done for these books is impressive enough, even without the wonderful storytelling. Plus you'll be spouting arcane and obscure historical references for weeks, to either impress or annoy your friends and family :)

  2. I'd love to know what you think of the Brookmyre one - I've had conflicting reviews from friends and am not sure whether to invest myself. I do love his stuff and as a Scot living in England, it gives me a nicely homesick feeling.

    I'm doing Gertie's Sew-Along too, as and when I can between other commissions and with a different pattern. I was going to draft my own, but I probably won't have time and Simplicity 2812 has exactly what I have in mind - single breasted, princess seams, swishy hem, shawl collar and cuffs. The latter two elements will be faux fur, oh yes.

    I'm not sure where in Edinburgh you could get waterproof fabric. Mandors might be your best bet, I was in last time I was in Scotland and it had some gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. And the staff are pretty good too.

    Eric is LUUUUUUUSH. I want to lick him, all over. Repeatedly.

    Erm, what else...

    Good luck with the Shabby Apple contest! My brain is too full of dramatic winter coats to be thinking about frocks at the moment, so I shall decline. I'm sure you'll rock it.

  3. Oooh, I'm reading the Brookmyre at the moment as well :) Hapy Birthday etc

  4. Just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog. I am currently on the hunt for the book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I havent found it yet, but I have heard good things. Have your read it? Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Erm... tape measures are not my best friend right now. I'll just stick with inside leg and knee circumference or something. No one wants to know my waist measurement.
    Still in, though! It'll just be stretchy...

  6. I too have tape measure fear, especially as I only just found my scales after them being hidden in a box for about 3 months, and they must have got broken while they were in storage because I can't have put that much weight on :(

    Can you make your coat in oilcloth? Or would that be silly and uncomfortable and you might look like an outdoor tablecloth? I'm thinking red background with white polka dots, which is just the sort of thing you need in Scottish rain.

    Glad Eric arrived!

  7. Caterpillar cake: We've had one - it was lovely... and VERY chocolatey... and probably sent the small people into a mad fit of giddy hyperness......... but nice nonetheless.

    2 New books: Bit rubbish on this score - I don't read novles any more. I read "teach yourself how to... sew/speak Japanese/speak Chinese/stay sane living with children (delete as appropriate)

    3.Viking Vampires: See above

    4.Sew-along Lady Grey: I want a lovely soft almost wool-like peacock blue.. not seen it yet but have yet to begin the hunt for suitable fabric

    5.Cool Girls' sew-along: Ooops, not involved... NEXT!

    6.Shabby Apple design comp: You should SO do this... Kathleen at Grosgrain not only drew her dress but then MADE one and submitted it!!! It was fab-u-lous though and I would love to see what you could come up with for it!

  8. That's a novel for anyone who wondered ;)

  9. Encouragement all around! I should do the SALs, but I probably can't keep up. Your recap was hilarious. I try that with my husband sometimes. ;)

  10. Year Of The Flood is superb/ amazing etc, as you'd expect by Margaret Atwood.

    I found The Angel's Game a bit depressing, especially as i loved the previous one by him.

    I didn't know that Christopher Brookmyre had another one out, I have to have it!

    Happy reading.