Sunday 15 August 2010


The Sneaky Sneaker Hoodie

sneaker hoodie print side

Broken record time: I love it when people send me fabric. Despite my ridiculously good taste in fabric and notoriously feeble control of my buying impulses, I do not own every cool print in the world. And sometimes, just sometimes, I don't even know that the certain cool fabric exists. I do not know how this happens.


The most special thing about this hoodie is that the customer found out about me from seeing the PinUp Girl and Pirate Boy hoodies I made Soph4Soph... and then she choose the sneaker fabric that Soph4Soph had... who kindly sent me it... and commissioned another hoodie with an even more awesome fabric! It's like a circle of hoodies. I hope it never stops until the next Sookie Stackhouse book is out.

sneaker hoodie reverse full

Watch your back, Coolest Family in the World TM, this hoodie is going to the same family as the retro cowboy hoodie of yesterday's post. They are amassing an arsenal and they're not scared of you.

sneaker hoodie modelled

But what exactly makes this the sneaky sneaker hoodie? I snuck it on Jamie for a minute to confirm I got the size right on my newest draft... The recipient is a year an a half younger than Jamie so this should be just right.

sneaker hoodie 021
Thar be a menace in the backround

If you've made it to the end of this post, I commend you. I'm very tired today and rather less than compos mentis.

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  1. I'd love hoodies, ones with really big pockets - recently found one I hadn't worn for years and decided it's my favourite thing ever.

    Really like the sneaker fabric, it looks great as a hoody.

  2. That is seriously fab fabric!

  3. Digging the fabric, very nice.

  4. I LOVE it! please find the fabric & make some more :)

    your SIL,

  5. Definitely love this. I'm featuring you on Make It Wear It tomorrow.