Wednesday 18 August 2010


If you go out the the woods today, you're sure of a big let down

Rather than speaking of our holiday in one mega-holiday redux, I'm continuing my strategy of boring you gently and gradually forevermore. How's that working out for you?

bear chat 1

bear chat 2

bear chat 7

bear chat 3

bear chat 4

bear chat 5

bear chat 6


  1. Being terrified of anything to do with the Teletubbies seems not at all unreasonable.


  2. I agree with Amy.

    I also think your son is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen - and since I have two of the most beautiful children in the WORLD, I clearly know of what I speak. He will break a million hearts when he is older. You think bears on wheels are scary. Teen-aged girls in the throes of puppy love are terrifying.

  3. That wooden bear is one very scary bear. I'm with Jamie on that one!

  4. hahah, that reminds me how terrified my now 20yr old daughter was of Mr.Blobby! Of all things!
    I seem to remember that younger son loved said bear on wheels and waited and waited for it to come on. Funny how one mans meat is another mans poison. Thanks for sahring. Made me smile

  5. Brilliant! I just spat tea all over my laptop reading this.

  6. Once again stories of your children challenge my continence. :)

    I shared Maia's booby obsession with my sister so we could have a group wetting of the pants.

  7. So funny - please notify me if you ever go on tour!

  8. I'm with Jamie on this one... there is something *wrong* about that wooden bear!

  9. H was terrified of Fireman Sam... well not terrified but he would run out of the room screaming because of the boy that always accidentally set fire to things...