Monday 30 August 2010


Measure thyself, find thyself disappointing, soldier on

So there we go then, Cool Girls (and passengers), I've been well and truly measured. Sadly, a bit bigger than the last time I did my measurements with roughly an inch gain at every point. Except my knee circumference, ladies, that is thankfully the same. I do not need to put my knees on a diet.

There is, I hope, a small chance that my disparities in measurements are down to more than sheer piggery on my part. I give you a visual aid of my current trousers:

Amanda's toddler-rise trousers

Yes, that zipper really is two inches long. The combination of a less-than-streamlined midriff and a torso approximately 12 inches long means that I normally wear trousers on my hip line in an attempt to restore balance to my short but top heavy figure. The downside to this is that I have no discernable waist, as well as the inherent disadvantage of being 1.8 times too old to expose my hip bones.

So these are the style of trousers I'm hoping to make:

As such, I had to adjust almost all my original figures (waist moved up, hips moved down, and length added to all vertical measurements). There's a real possibility this high waisted endeavour could go horribly, horribly wrong and I'll cry and flail and write a post saying I'm giving up blogging forever. Or I might just make a graph plotting my anguish. But next week we'll be drafting the pattern!


  1. I think you look great. I would trade figures with you in a nano-second !

    -SIL Liz

  2. I'm sure your drafting will be wonderful! Maybe not the first time, but hey, that's good blog fodder too!

  3. How very, very exciting...
    I suspect it will turn out great, as always, or more often than not!

  4. ooh they look good, like the buttons on the side - would draw attention away from my own less-that-slender middle.

  5. I used my rare 80% fabric coupon on some lovely gray striped linen for these pants.

    But I think I might just make a muslin and something cheap for the sew along. I'm still (delusionally) hoping I can change my abysmal measurements before I cut up something so gorgeous.

  6. Just got back off holiday, so I'll be catching up asap...