Tuesday 17 August 2010


Cool Girls don't drop trou, they embrace them

Well, I'm totally relieved that everyone opted for the trousers as Phase Three of the Sew-along. Although as of two sleeps from now I will officially be a Mum at the School Gates, I will not be sporting a blouse (or any other evidence of being a grown up and respectable person). Trousers? Emphatically. I'm actually pretty stoked about the prospect of making my own bottoms. Of all of the projects in the book it's the most practical for me because I wear trousers approximately 350 days of the year (that is, if trousers include jeans, corduroys and leggings). I'm really excited about the prospect of making proper trousers that are bit more sophisticated and have greater dress up potential. You know, should I get a life. Or, indeed, if I am ostracised at the school gates by adults that dress like adults.

Side buttons FTW

So let's get this planned. I was wondering what the Cool Girls would think about structuring this one a bit differently? Previously, we've had a quite long 5 to 6 weeks to get it done from measuring through to the final versions but we haven't timetabled it more than that or particularly supported one another through the various stages. Remember the turmoil of Armpitbreastgate, when almost all of us found the same issues with the t-shirt drafting but only told one another at the (bitter) end, and people didn't want to be Cool anymore, they just wanted to be left alone with their saggy boobs and weirdo armpits? I don't want to do that again.

So how about we break this up into five stages (measuring, drafting, muslins and what we learned, corrections, final versions) and have one stage a week. Maybe two weeks for the muslins and what we learned section, we'll see how harrowing it is. I'll document my own stages as guidance, others can chime in in the comments, and then even if you're running behind it'll be easier to follow everyone's progress.

Does that sound Cool?


  1. I'm a little worried about flabbybellygate, but I'm in.

    The new plan sounds good. Perhaps it will get some more activity in our flikr group, too?

  2. Auntninn you are so funny, flabbybellygate here too me thinks and my current yoga drive that has prompted skinnyassieitis will make my pattern pieces look rather odd, should be a laugh. Count me in too ;)

  3. Ha ha. I understand that the secretary of the PSA at the school in question is a scruffy arse, though admittedly most of the other mothers are much better put together.

  4. I wish I could be cool.. but I'm gonna have to sit this one out. I can't get in the spare room to sew and I have no fabric to sew with (aside from 70s teddy bear print from a giant cushion that my sister used to try to suffocate me with by sitting on my head).

    Next time...

  5. Sounds cool to me. As a survivor of a year at the school gate, don't worry about other parents actually being grownup. Doesn't happen - they're just better at pretending than some people.

  6. I'm in! Although I am worried about flabbybellygate AND saggybottomgate. But I think Skippedydoodah should def make trousers from a 70s teddy bear print.