Wednesday 1 September 2010


Re-writing the classics

I haven't sewn a thing for more than a week now and I'm missing it. But in my attempt to actually finish things that are outstanding rather than just moving onto to more interesting new things, I've banned sewing until I can get my hoodie pattern with my lovely testers. And as of thirty minutes ago, I've finished:

Sheesh. This is by far the most difficult tute I've written (don't worry, I'm not saying it'll be the most difficult to sew!) because of the added complication of cuffs, pockets, hood, and zipper. And trying to fit 62 resized, annotated images into a tute that won't be £25 a pop to print. Which has lead me to further masochism... I'm going to go PDF with this one to begin with. Which means I can finally use some folks from outside my usual testing pool. Lovely volunteer testers expect the tute this afternoon! After I pop some painkillers / anti-depressants / beta-blockers for my carpal tunnel syndrome / hunchback / pressure sores / cross eyes from sitting at this computer for 120 hours straight, I'll get down to some hardcore tracing / cutting / scanning / crying and I'll email the actual pattern pieces as soon as I can. Good luck everybody and look forward to seeing what you make!


  1. I'm sure it will all turn out wonderful in the end...right? or you mught hunt your pattern testers down and ...well remind me night to give you Dexter to read.

  2. Don't understand any of that sewing stuff, but have tagged you with an award - see my blog!

  3. really cannot wait until it's complete! I had to take a sewing "Break" (the summer cold that has been passed around my house, finally made it to me) but am back in business today!! Love the way it's coming together - no major humps yet!