Thursday 16 September 2010


Rainy Days bubble skirt

rainy days bubble skirt

The kids have been invited to a birthday party this weekend for one of the girls that shares our childminder. The birthday girl in question is The Girliest Girl on the Planet *TM, so my normal birthday fare of a Kitschy Coo t-shirt or two does not apply. By rights, I should have made her a hair shirt as penance for being responsible for Maia's entrance into Princess Phase One.

rainy days bubble skirt detail

But how could I resist the temptation to use one of my splendid new fabrics? I returned to my erstwhile bubble skirt pattern but made an extra gathering step for the requisite Authentic Princess Poofiness.

rainy days bubble skirt underneath

The underside of the skirt is a coordinating fabric I've had in my stash for awhile. I suspect this skirt will precipitate Princess Phase Two.


  1. Wow! That girl is so lucky. This is indeed the Girliest Skirt on the Planet :-) That lining is adorable! I love it I love it I love it!

  2. So cute! I'm going to sew some bubbled skirts and shirts for winter since, as you know, we are full on in princess phase one.

    I can't believe you used that beautiful fabric for a lining! I'm hoarding it as fashion fabric right now. :)

  3. It's gorgeous. I am sure the little girl will absolutely adore it!